Create Your Breakthrough



It is a powerful 4-hour event aimed to transform your life mentally, emotionally, physically and financially.

It is 4 hours of incredible mind-blowing fun, powerfully designed with vibrant energy that only Rudi Rebstein can bring to an event.

You will amongst others, experience, learn and enjoy the following:

  • Learn the secret to transforming your life in an instant;
  • Experience accelerated learning and learn by engaging your nervous system;
  • How to create new empowering beliefs that can change your financial situation almost immediately;
  • Experience how to use your physical body in order to create change in a heartbeat;
  • Experience 2000 watt of Rock Concert sound, blasting you into an orbit where you really want to and need to be to live and enjoy your life;
  • Experience a taste of Rudi’s turn around management and redirection;
  • Finally you will leave with the most powerful affirmations available to mankind today, to assist you in crossing the divide between the 4-hour event and the real place in your life where you want to end up.

Defeat any challenge, this is your time!

“Nothing is more powerful than the time an idea comes and acting upon it”

Step up and take the action you desire and deserve right now – Sign up for CYB with Rudi Rebstein now!

Price for Create Your Breakthrough Event – R1,250 per person attending (subject to change)

Risk-free Satisfaction Guarantee
If you are unable to attend the “Create your breakthrough” event for any reason, you may have someone substitute for your participation in the event. E-mail Rudi Rebstein Success Events at at least 10 days prior to the event to transfer your enrolment. A R100 fee will apply. If you are unable to attend and do not wish to send a substitute e-mail Rudi Rebstein Success Events at and we will convert your enrolment to a non-refundable credit for which you may apply toward a future Rudi Rebstein Success Event. This option will be available for up to one full year from your original date of booking/event – some restrictions apply. A complimentary enrolment is valid for the date and event it applies to via electronic confirmation only and is non-refundable and non-transferable. If after attending one full hour (up to 10:00 AM) of the “Create your breakthrough” event and you are not satisfied, please contact one of our Customer Services Representatives before 10:30 AM at the reception desk at the event. You must have attended the event up until 10:00 AM and put in a request for a refund at the latest on or before 10:30 AM. Refunds are authorized at the Event only. At your option we will apply your fee towards any other Rudi Rebstein Success Events, or send you a full refund within 7 working days from date of the event.  Just turn in your name badge to a Customer Services Representative and complete the request before 10:30 AM. Complimentary enrolments are not eligible for refunds.

For more information about other events please send an e-mail to: /


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