Master Your Universe



Join Rudi Rebstein at this amazing life altering weekend event. This event will have an irrevocable influence on your life and how you approach and perceive your life from this point on.

What does a successful life mean to you? Is it about having more money, spending more quality time with your loved ones, uplifting your mind and spiritual awareness, being the best at what you do? Is it about balancing all levels in your life successfully? Does it mean you live your life according to your standards, dreams, preferences?

Are you living that successful life right now?

We all want more out of life: Happiness, success, power, freedom, money, more to offer others, ways to grow.

You have a burning desire for more, a hunger to feed and you won’t settle for less than you rightfully deserve. Yet, in the world we live in today there are setbacks and it isn’t always getting better.

However you can’t change these circumstances if you are not in sync with what influence your life and what is really driving you. Your beliefs, needs, wants and emotional patterns are invisible forces that control and determine how you live your life every day.

Here is the good news!

Your old habits can change. You can through attending the “Master your Universe” event with Rudi Rebstein, learn how to become stronger, more powerful and in control than you ever thought was possible.

Are you ready to close the gap between just existing and living successfully?

Picture how your life would be if you have all the necessary tools, guidance and assistance to create and master the extraordinary life you desire and deserve.

After more than 17 years of experience of helping thousands of individuals and businesses to improve their lives, Rudi came up with his most sought after event “Master your Universe”.

It is the key to designing your own unique blueprint, shifting your limitations to limitless possibilities about your thinking and how you live your life, and learning how to take immediate action to get your desired results.

This empowering 4-day event is a dynamic way to jumpstart those changes you desire and to bypass the obstacles preventing you from realising your dreams and desires. “Master your Universe” is the best and most effective way to get you there. You’ll surprise yourself by awaking the pure and unstoppable force of who you really are at the core of YOU.



DAY 1 – TURN YOUR FEARS AROUND TO WORK FOR YOU On the first day you will learn how to overcome your worst fears. It is a known fact that fear is holding people back, preventing them from achieving success and developing their full potential. You will get a chance to literally run over a path filled with hot coals that is between 1000 – 2000 degrees Fahrenheit and in doing so all other fears in your life will become as small as it really is. This realisation and experience is powerful in overcoming any fear and obstacle in your life.
DAY 2 – DESIGN YOUR PERFECT FUTURE On this day Rudi will show you the processes of making your dreams come true. He will give you clarity in order for you to gain power to accomplish your goals on various levels in your life. Here you will identify, set new goals, and put measures in place that will excite you and result in rewarding outcomes. At the same time you will develop new skills and practical techniques that will guide you through your pathway to success in your personal life, business, relationships and many more.
DAY 3 – REVEAL THE SECRETS TO YOUR ULTIMATE TRANSFORMATION This day is designed to make the final link between the integration of your key beliefs and decision making and to guarantee your way forward with power, strength and certainty to ensure that you never look back. Here you will learn to model, match and mirror others to master anything you put your mind to and to trigger global changes in all areas of your life and your universe.
DAY 4 – ENERGY, THE FUEL OF EXCELLENCE The last day is about putting on a new attire and stepping into your newly designed life with vitality, strength and unbeatable energy. You will learn how to take excellent care of your body which is the most precious gift received from our Creator. You will learn the importance of balancing mind, body and soul to enable you to live life your life to its full capacity.

You do not want to miss out on this incredible life altering event.   It is the recipe for a successful life, designed to realise your needs, wants, dreams and desires, transforming your life forever.

The evidence of a newly designed successful life is one weekend away. What are you waiting for? Which fears are holding you back?

Here is THE opportunity to reshape, transform, change, re-design and alter your life of just existing!

Start living your dream and not dreaming your life. Sign up for the Master your Universe event presented by Rudi Rebstein by following the payment details on the reservations page.


STANDARD PACKAGE: Featured benefits

  • Admission to the 4-day event
  • Coarse material
  • Energiser wristband
  • Firewalk experience
  • Coffee, tea, juice, snacks and lunch daily
  • Price: R5995 (excl VAT) per person

PLATINUM PACKAGE: Featured benefits

  • Admission to the 4-day event
  • Coarse material
  • Energiser wristband
  • Firewalk experience
  • Coffee, tea, juice, snacks and lunch daily
  • Preference to enter main room early daily
  • Seating in first 5 rows
  • Unique Multimedia product from Rudi Rebstein
  • Expedited Platinum Registration at customer services desk
  • Entrance to VIP room for health breakfast daily prior to event
  • A FREE 1-hour coaching session with Rudi Rebstein (within 7 days after the event)
  • Master your Universe gholf shirt
  • Price: R9500 (excl VAT) per person

Go to reservation page to book your seat NOW!


Risk-free Satisfaction Guarantee
If you are unable to attend the “Master your Universe” event for any reason, you may have someone substitute for your participation in the event. E-mail Rudi Rebstein Success Events at  at least 10 days prior to the event to transfer your enrolment. A R450 fee will apply.  If you are unable to attend and do not wish to send a substitute e-mail Rudi Rebstein Success Events at and we will convert your enrolment to a non-refundable credit for which you may apply toward a future Rudi Rebstein Success Event. This option will be available for up to one full year from your original date of booking/event – some restrictions apply.  A complimentary enrolment is valid for the date and event it applies to via electronic confirmation only and is non-refundable and non-transferable.  If after attending the first half of the “Master your Universe” event and you are not satisfied, please contact one of our Customer Services Representatives during the afternoon lunch break on day 2 at the reception desk at the event. You must have attended day 1 of the event and day 2 up to the afternoon lunch break to put in a request for a refund. A Request for a refund will only be considered during the lunch break on day 2 of the event.  Refunds are authorized at the Event only.  At your option we will apply your fee towards any other Rudi Rebstein Success Events, or send you a full refund within 7 working days from date of the event.  Just turn in your name badge and workbook to a Customer Services Representative at the reception desk and complete the request before lunch concludes.  Complimentary enrollments are not eligible for refunds.


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