Welcome to the Business Mastery information and registration page.


If you have given birth to a small or medium sized enterprise; or maybe even a large one then I salute you, we are kindred spirits in not only having great goals, but executing it by starting own empires! You see, decision making is the force that shifts destiny, both personal and career wise.


Attending Business Mastery level 1 which is a powerful induction into the Business and Leadership Mastery Programs, is the all important first step into transformation.


- Remember, eighty percent of success in business is due to psychology, i.e. the mindset of the Business Leader and 20% is skill set.


This is your moment of opportunity, it’s called an opening. I invite you to be bold, have guts and step through – I’ll meet you on the other side to share some of my ideas!

“Business Mastery Level 1”       4 & half-hours – date to be announced soon!


To book and register, please E-mail: reservations@rudirebstein.com or Fax: 086 571 7507 your Full Name, Surname and E-mail Address, together with proof of payment in the amount of R1,350 (VAT incl.).

BANK DETAILS will be provided via e-mail upon request:


Our Customer Service Assistants will submit your own unique booking number upon successful registration, which you’ll have to provide during registration on the morning of the Live Event.

Thank you

See you there

And until then, live strong and with passion.


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