This event is an integrated solution for a country on fire with change. This cornerstone event is a crash course in taking massive action to change the quality of your life forever.

In 4 hours of the most empowering, educational and entertaining times of your life, you wont just deal with it, you will vanquish anything holding you back from utilizing the force that can instantly change your life.

You will learn not merely how to survive global changes in the economy, environment and political arena, but how to thrive and prosper at a level beyond what you may have thought possible.

Create Your Breakthrough is about waiting no more. Its about seizing the power that is already within you and daring yourself to lead a life of your own design, rather than one that’s been engineered by the environment, society or anyone else for that matter.

At CYB you will:

  • Break through the fears that hold you back;
  • Create momentum in your life to make difficult things become effortless;
  • Develop the physical vitality and energy you need to passionately follow through;
  • Understand and take advantage of recent changes in the economy to secure and build wealth.

I hope you will join me for half a day that will change your life forever; that will help you as you enter through your own crossroads of greatness.

It will be my pleasure to serve you.

Until then live strong, live passionately and start today, start right now creating your own unique breakthrough.


Rudi Rebstein

Authority on Leadership Psychology

To secure your seat click here:

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You do want your business to become profitable right? Do you dream of revenues soaring? The following  action steps called “5 ways to boost your business – I B E F S” will assist you in making it all possible.

STEP 1 – Ask for information

Look Cadre, to win new prospective clients, you first need to know what their current challenges are, what they want to accomplish and how they plan on doing it. Then, and only then you can tell them about your work or product or service.

These two important questions will go far in getting the information from the Business:

1. What is your single biggest challenge at this time?

2. What are some of your most important goals and objectives in the next few years?

STEP 2 – Ask for business

Here is an amazing statistic for you guys. After completing a presentation, more than 62% of the time, the salespeople never ask for the order. That alone is a very bad ritual that can let your company go belly up!

When marketing my Coaching programs and seminars, I ask directly: “Would you like to attend the next program?” Or, I ask sincerely by saying: “May I please have your business?” REMEMBER: Your closing question is / should be designed to produce a “Yes” or “No” answer.

STEP 3 – Ask for written endorsements

Well-written, results-orientated testimonials from highly respected people are powerful.  It will leverage you as a person who has integrity, is trustworthy and who gets the job done!

You will be shocked to learn that most people in business don’t do this. By requesting endorsements you will jump ahead of your competition with a factor of 10!

STEP 4 – Ask for feedback

How do you really know if your product  or service meets the requirements of your Client? Ask them how you are doing?

Whatever it is that you do, you are surrounded by people who can give you valuable feedback. Asking is always good – we believe questions are the answers!

STEP 5 – Adding the secret  ingredient

The biggest kept secret – Utilizing the power of successful coaching, training and live events to impact your life and business.

No matter how successful you are, there is a gap between where you’re at right now and where you want to be. For example: Your career is going great but you often don’t have time for your kids. Or if your relationship with your loved ones is wonderful, your body could be out of whack! There is always that gap.

To take care of Step 5 you can attend a live event to unlock and unleash the forces inside to help you break through limitations thereby closing the gap and creating the successful life that you desire and rightfully deserve.


I hope you will join me for 3 to 4 hours in which your life will change forever and you will break through your corridor of greatness! This can be followed up with specialist couching that will help you sustain the kind of life you really want.

If you are in Kwa-Zulu Natal we’ll connect in Durban on the 08th of September 2012 – for more information about this exciting event or to indicate your attendance please follow the link: If you live in the Western Cape then your date with destiny is the 06th of October 2012 .

We’ll talk again soon my friends but in the meantime follow the I B E F S steps and live with passion.

Cheers Cadres!

Rudi Rebstein

Authority on Leadership Psychology

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Hi guys, are you feeling good today? Are you ready for more energy, more excitement, more playfulness, more controlled focus? Then let’s get with the program here and if I forget later, thank you so much for all the kind words, comments and support. I do make time to read through everything.
Today, here’s what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna focus on a focused and much more directed mind, my aim, my goal here being simple. I want to share little things that could change the quality of your life in an instant!
Being directed, motivated but also relaxed and full of confidence plays a huge role in maximizing your energy and being in control of that energy to create lasting change and consistent success.
·         How to manage your state (see Create your Breakthrough)
·         Creating a compelling future / goals (see Master your Universe)
·         Turn your fear into power (see  Master your Universe)
·         Strong and enjoyable relationships (Both of the above)
It is a well known fact that the mind is hugely influential in the state of your health! It affects every single area from your energy levels to boosting your immune system.
Dr. Weil from Harvard University found that external matters are not the cause of disease, rather that they are agents who are waiting to cause specific symptoms within susceptible bodies.
Things like poor diet, nutrition, no exercise, stress, the wrong mindset (state) are making people targets and the more susceptible you and I become.
- The mind has a tremendous power over the body – mind and body should not be considered in isolation.
- Anger and resentment are dangerous poison to the human body (75% water – see Dr. Emoto’s research).
- Stress is a result of how you interpret situations and the associations that you have to specific situations.
- Fear and stress compromise your immune system.
- Stress disappears in a state of certainty, it is essential to develop empowering beliefs to sustain you in tough times.
- Physiology plays a major part in how we feel mentally. When we behave physically as if we are vibrant, happy and directed, we will be so and become the embodiment of success.
- Fear and stress disappears if we have a compelling future. Set goals, personal development goals, financial goals, playful goals and contribution goals – reward yourself by actually moving forward.
Thank you so much for the opportunity to share some ideas with you that I know will make a huge difference in the quality of your life! Please connect with us on Facebook (Rudi Rebstein) and follow us on Twitter @ rudi_rebstein.
We’ll talk soon my friends but until then never settle for less than you can be and live with direction and passion.
Cheers Cadres!
Rudi Rebstein
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Hi friends, trust you are well and not too caught up in the mainstream conditioning of work, fast food (takeout) and sleep. Today I’ll bring you part four of the ten part health challenge that could (actually must) change your vitality and energy levels in an instant.
We have to reward our bodies just like you would reward kids for good behavior; a salesman when s/he achieved a target; and a dog for his unconditional loyalty! Here are four important elements you and I want to consider:
Look cadre, if you live in Northern Europe I know it’s tough and not always easy, what we know is that daylight is just as important. People get depressed or rather, as I know, like to call it “people do depression” because of a lack of bright light. See, people work up to ten hours per day in artificially lit offices and that is not really helping.
Look at the importance of sunlight – the Sun emits up to 100,000 lux (the metric measurement of light quantity) – now here’s the thing: artificial lights emits just 300 – 500 lux. For some people this is about as good as it gets. No wonder problems can occur.
So this weekend, get out and head for the outdoors, get sunlight and a lot of fresh air.
We need rest and relaxation just as much as we need movement (motion) and exercise. Make the most of any opportunity you have to rest your body and in the process you can become rejuvenated.
Relax and think about all the things that are good and fantastic in your life right now! In a relaxed state ask empowering questions that will bring answers to you about future success.
Reward your hard work, take time out and indulge in real muscular relaxation in a different environment.
You must reward your efforts, it can be a week at a Health Resort or an afternoon at a Day Spa. Take some time out and be very good to yourself. This should be done at least once a month – enjoy!
When your body is correctly aligned, the head is positioned over the shoulders; the shoulders align with the hips; the hips sit directly over the knees and the ankles are straight with the feet pointing forward. Your body relies on the correct alignment and joint position, to function properly.
Wrong alignment can occur due to many reasons, with a lack of motion (exercise) being the most common problem. During my 4-day weekend event: Master your Universe, I promote the Egoscue method which is a postural program involving a series of gentle stretches and exercise to properly align the body.
I trust this will be a resource for you to immediately feel beter and live healthier.
My next 4-hour event: Create your Breakthrough, is taking place in Cape Town on the 3rd of March 2012.
See you at the events and until then, live with passion Cadre!

Rudi Rebstein

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Hi to all my new friends following my 10 part blog on Health and Vitality. You are now well into your new lifestyle, drinking alkaline water as per my first blog and following the 5 organic ways for maximum energy explained in my second blog.

I’m about to share with you what I now call 4 miracle nutrients that is not only very healthy but cancer fighting, Alkaline boosting Gems.
1.  CRANBERRY JUICE contains a substance that forms a protective film over the lining of the bladder. On its own this natural plant substance repels bacterial growth and helps control the pain and discomfort of Cystitus – Cranberry Juice will speed up healing and reduces medicine intake.
2.   GREEN TEA is not only highly Alkaline in substance but contains a substance that kills Streptococcus Mutans, a bacterium known to cause tooth decay! So you might want to start cutting on that all too familiar coffee and tea and replace it with Green Tea!
3.   LENTINAN, a substance found in Shiitaki mushrooms, a delicious ingredient in Asian food, has been shown to stimulate the immune system and fight the growth of cancer cells. In Japan, Lentinan is used as a cancer treatment.
4.     SPIRULINA the blue-green Algae, is an example of an aqua-herbal micro-organism with outstanding nutritive and healing qualities. Experts believe that this primitive food has been eaten by thousands of people for more than 1500 years. It is high in protein, essential fatty acids, Beta Carotene and Vitamin B12. Spirulina contains many of the essential nutrients that are known to lower blood fats and protect against damage from free radicals. It also contains Phytochemicals that stimulates the immune system. Along with Chlorella, another Algae, and other forms of seaweed, Spirulina may be a food of the future!
As part of my 30-day challenge the focus is to eliminate the following 7 acid forming foods and substances: Sugar, Vinegar, SALT, Tobacco, Alcohol, Caffeine, and Drugs and OTC Prescriptions.
However, I want to go a step further and ask you to try and incorporate Alkaline Foods into your diet, the combination of those will give you immense benefits! Alkaline foods and drinks to include in your diet could be green drinks (tea, etc.), fresh vegetable juices, salads, lightly steamed vegetables, pure Alkaline water (pH above 9.5), veggie snacks, raw soups and herbal teas.
All the pieces of the puzzle will fall together for you when you have all 10 of my posts in the series on Health and Vitality, increasing the quality of your life in a heartbeat, producing great results, creating and building great wealth and living in a state of great health. My considered view is for YOU to make a decision and attend two of my Events called “Create your Breakthrough” (4 hours) on 13 August 2011 and “Master your Universe” (4 days) from 01-04 December 2011 in Cape Town.
My friend, the human spirit is unconquerable and your will to win and succeed will take effect the moment you decide to change – until we meet again cadres.
Regardless, live with passion!
Rudi Rebstein
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Hi my friend, I trust you are well into your first 30 days with me? How is the alkaline water treating you? Let me know after 30 days.
Here are 5 fantastic ways to boost your energy and keep you in a peak state:
The source of all energy in your body can be provided through deep breathing. Cells use oxygen to convert glucose into the energy called Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). Without sufficient oxygen cells begin to die and energy cannot be sufficiently produced. A nice breathing technique I want to give you, is a technique that involves stimulating the meridians in the fingertips by touching your thumb to a fingertip on each breath.  The secret is to top your thumb to finger, starting on your left index finger, then on each finger across to your little finger (each time when breathing in) and then repeating on your right hand on breathing out. This exercise is excellent for increasing your energy.
People often use meditation as a means to relax, which in turn helps fight fatigue.  One technique is to find a quilt and sit down comfortably. Relax my friend, close your eyes and focus on a neutral word or number like “one”.  When distracting thoughts intrude, bring yourself back to the neutral word.
Some of us are at our best in the morning. Others peak at night. “If you get up and need 3 to 4 cups of coffee to get going, you’re probably not a morning person.” This statement was made by Charles Kunzleman, Author of the bestseller: Maximizing your energy & personal productivity.
Determine your prime time and save critical tasks for your high energy periods. For example if you’re a lark, schedule a job interview in the morning rather than in the afternoon, when your energy ebbs.
Light suppresses the body’s production of Melatonin, the hormone that helps the body clock. Without enough morning light, especially during winter months, some people suffer seasonal affective disorder, a form of depression that can contribute to fatigue.
Emotion is created by motion – use your body to put you into a peak emotional state. There are two important things to do to change your life: change what you focus on; and change your physiology (your body).
When you slouch, you shift your weight away from the middle of your body, forcing you to spend more energy than necessary to maintain your balance. Remember, the heaviest object we carry around is our own body. As long as we keep it centered over our base of support, we’ll be less fatigued.
A simple way to stay in balance: Keep your head over your pelvis; ears over your shoulders; and the small of your back forward.
Remember my challenge runs for 30 days – water and the 5 powerful ways above, so get drinking the Evian and live in these 5 daily.
See you at my next Event “Create your Breakthrough” on 16 July 2011 in Durbanville.
Regardless, live with passion cadres, stay healthy and may the force be with you.
Kind regards
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To develop a strategy is easy. It’s the implementation that is difficult. Over the years we have heard this statement over and over again but I do believe by understanding your strategy first and secondly believing in it, will counter the osmosis and isolation.
First of all I want to acknowledge and give all the honor, respect and admiration to the greatest mentor on earth today, Anthony Robbins, or Tony Robbins as he is also called. His genius input and insight made all this stuff possible. I do believe he has profound knowledge.
This blog is the first of 10 blogs in my first series on health and vitality. This will help you to change the quality of your physical body.
We know all about water right? But here’s what I want you to do: For the next 30 days you should prepare yourself to make a sacrifice or two, or is it just too damn hard for you to do?
So here’s what you’re gonna do. For the next 30 days consume a minimum of 3 litres of Evian water per day. Tell you why Evian though. The difference lies in the PH level of the water. Any water with a PH level of less than 7 is acid water and that is the breeding ground and hotpot of micro-organisms, bacteria and even viruses.
See, the PH level of our internal fluids affects every living cell in our bodies and the effects that over acidification can have on the health of our bodies are just immense.
Now for the next 30 days (yes it starts today cadre, not tomorrow) you will hydrate your body optimally and in order to do that you need to drink Evian water with a PH level of 12 (and I know that you think this, but no, Evian is not funding this blog). What you will drink for the next 30 days will be Alkaline and mineral enriched water.
Alkaline water helps to neutralize acids and remove toxins from your body. It also acts as a conductor of electrochemical activity from cell to cell.
The following results will be produced during and after your 30 day trial period with Evian:
(Let’s get healthy here and save our life in the process)
Your energy levels will increase drastically and energy is the fuel of excellence (Blog on energy will  follow in the near future);
  • ·         Your energy levels will increase drastically and energy is the fuel of excellence (Blog on energy will  follow in the near future);
  • ·         Mentally you will feel more alert resulting in you making the right “decisions”;
  • ·         You will be mentally and physically more alert by having a glass of Evian water one minute after you wake up (old Japanese water therapy technique time tested over thousands of years) before you break the “fast” (yes, breakfast) that should consist of fruit with a high water content such as grapefruit (88% water) and/or cucumber (94% water);
  • ·         Improved cellular function which will affect your heart beat to the neural workings of the brain in a much more positive way;
  • ·         And so much more – we discuss this in great detail during my 4-day event called “Master your Universe”.
So here’s the challenge for you for the next 30 days. If you cheat you will only cheat yourself and waste your own precious time. If you however have the guts to follow through, I would love to receive your feedback on how you feel and how it improved your life after the 30 days challenge.
I look forward to see you at one of my events so you can share with me the story of your life’s success!
Till 16 July in Durbanville, Cape Town. Adios cadres and live with energy and passion.
Rudi Rebstein

Posted by Rudi Rebstein at 09:23

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Hi friends!
Thank you for sharing my passion and visiting my website.
A special word of welcome to those of you who volunteer to walk the extra mile and influence others to improve the quality of their lives. You have taken the first step to an incredible life altering experience that will go beyond your most daring expectations for your future and that of your loved ones.
Over the next few weeks you will find audio and video files that will inspire thousands of people to learn more and to use the tools to alter their path to future success on different levels in their lives. You will also see new products added on the page provided for, to further assist you in becoming more successful in your universe.
My production team will spice things up on a regular basis to assist you in maximising your abilities while in the process enjoying your journey.
Why do people come to my events? Here are just a few reasons:
People facing challenges in business in these tough economic times learn how to master these challenges successfully; couples in relationships who might find themselves at a crossroad or at the edge of separation learn specific skills to overcome these difficulties; millionaires who want to become more successful get the know how to realize their ambitions; and much more. My expertise lies in years of experience in creating a pathway for people to change, follow, improve and produce immediate life altering results.
I believe that knowing your purpose in life, simplifies what you do and don’t do.
Thank you for taking time to read this and for being a wonderful example of what is possible in this life. Please follow the links for more information.
Warm regards
Rudi Rebstein
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